Originating from the indigenous people of the Americas the use of White Sage is now widespread. Apart from the wonderful clean aroma sage is used to cleanse auras from living spaces. White Sage is also used as a healing herb when presented to the various Chakras. The process of Smudging is used to prepare rooms for new activities, homes for new occupants or to remove and cleanse unwanted and often malevolent spirits.

Lighting the smudge stick, place it in a smudge bowl in the centre of the room and allow the heady smoke to fill every area of space. For use on the Chakras a white feather cut with a v shape is often used to waft the smoke to the correct Chakra.

White sage is a natural product so each will differ but these sticks are on average 100mm long and will burn for around two hours. They can be extinguished and relit.