The Greenman, Pagan symbol for life, nature and renewal both physical and spiritual. One of the most important images of the Pagan faith known by many different names such as Man of the Wood, Oak Man, Old man of the forest and many more. Trees spread their seeds upon the wind, populating every part of the world, living to great ages storing up the knowledge of the ages. These images can be seen on many buildings, used in sacred glens and many other spaces. Their benign gaze brings the peace and tranquillity of Nature and the world unseen to all that care to partake of it.

Here we have the Greenman with his leaf beard forming a large vessel ideal for seeds and fat balls to feed natures hungry creatures. Hang one in a secluded area of your garden and watch nature happen.

Made from resin suitable for outside with a saw tooth fixing bracket on the back. Measuring 350mm tall 280mm at the widest point and 120mm thick. The vessel for the food is 230mm x 60mm and 40mm deep.