Do you burn oil?

Traditional Oil Burners are great but to REALLY get the best of the wonderful fragrances you are better of using an Aroma Diffuser.

These diffusers are very simple to use, just pour tap water into the water reservoir add a few drops of your favourite oil, put the lid back on, select your time setting sit back and enjoy the fantastic aroma.

Why are they so good? The water and oil are “shaken” by an ultrasonic motor which releases a vapor. Because the oil is in the water the fragrance is in the vapor. Because the vapor is lighter than air it rises and is disbursed by the natural air currents in your home so unlike traditional burners you get the fragrance everywhere. There is also the benefit of no naked flames and these models come with 4 different time settings. If the water runs out the diffuser will turn itself off so its safe.

Each diffuser works through a slowly changing colour palette so it also makes a great looking feature in any room. You can also use it with just the lights.

These models have a plain silver metallic finish until its turned on then it changes colour with the specific pattern for that particular model. They all use a standard 13amp plug. Each one is 240mm tall and 120mm in diameter with a 100ml tank which will run for around four/five hours on the constant setting.

Don’t forget your fragrance oils also available from this site.