Having escaped the corporate world in 2014 upping sticks and moving to Cornwall we opened our shop in the beautiful village of Polperro in 2015 and then moved to the wonderful harbour town of Looe in 2019 where you will find us today.

I have always been fascinated by ancient beliefs, spirituality and magic, so the land of Myth and Legend, the home of Merlin & Arthur, beautiful rugged coastlines and a history that predates the dinosaurs it had to be Cornwall.

Our range has grown in direct response to what our customers have wanted (usually). I’ve always believed that good quality products at a fair price is the way to go. Over the years when asked about something I’ve researched it, started to stock lines and if successful added more into that category. That means I have also learned a lot which in turn allows us to offer advice you should hear me bang on about the wonders of Himalayan Salt or the benefits of incense and oils!

Whenever possible we buy from independent businesses, ethical wholesalers and importers. We are especially keen to support amazing small businesses both here in the UK and other places worldwide. You get great products and we are all helping with sustainability and supporting communities.

It also means that there is a degree of authenticity, so our Celtic Jewellery is made in one of the five Celtic nations. Himalayan Salt lamps actually come from the Himalayas, we have a fantastic local artist who designs and handmakes Pagan plaques, Incense that is handmade in India, I could go on.

We never throw packaging away, when our goods arrive, we either reuse it as packaging for our customers or its recycled.

So why a website? Its obviously an extension of our shop and certainly recent events have made it something of a necessity. However, the key driver was that a significant number of our customers (yes, we do have regular visitors who have breaks down here frequently you know who you are) bemoan the loss of shops like ours in many parts of the country and ask if we have an online shop so they can keep buying products in between getaways.

We have the same approach as we took with the physical shops. Small ranges to start, seek out customer needs, grow and develop those ranges.

If you want something else let us know because maybe others will as well.

Need advice or have a suggestion please contact us (see the contact us bit)